The Beijing IP Super-Connector, 2016 IP超连接北京会议


IP超连接(TIPG) · 2017-01-05 01:36

The Beijing IP Super-Connector, 2016 IP超连接北京会议

We are pleased to formally announce this special event taking place in Beijing, on September 20—one day prior to the INTA / BASCAP workshop.

由The Intellectual Property Group组织的2016北京IP超连接会议将于9月20日在北京开幕。

Join us, The Intellectual Property Group, and other stakeholders of the IP and Brand Protection community, as we discuss the"Future of IP Protection in China"


When: September 20th, 1pm—7:30pm


Where: Wangjing

地址:Soho Complex, Beijing—As pictured above, the white block, opposite T3, No. 10 Wangjing Street. 望京街 10号。望京SOHO T3 对面 白色独栋



Super Connector Speakers

Colin Chen
Chairman of QBPC / Director of Security at Johnson and Johnson

Edward Lehman
Managing Director of Lehman, Lee & Xu / Legal Analyst at CCTV

Vivi Huang
Head of Legal at WeChat: China's biggest social media platform.




  • The Future of IP Protection In China

  • Restoring Trust to the Industry 

  • Gathering Useable Intelligence from the Internet 

  • Improving Investigation Workflows


Panelists and Other Special Guests


Brand Protection Managers and Counsels from various brands and fortune 500s will be taking to the stage to share their experiences and insights, from on the ground in China.


Media including China Daily, IPR Daily, CBN Weekly and Bloomberg Business will also be in attendance, as well as representatives from various law firms, investigation companies and China's tech industry.


More Info & Tickets:

To find out more about The Beijing IP Super-Connector, and keep up to date with the latest agenda, please visit our official events page at:


Tickets are only ¥100 (approx. $15) and can be purchased with any International or Chinese credit card, here:


For all media and other enquires please reply directly to this email or contact: Amber Ma, (+86) 158-8948-6544

Thank you!

(关于媒体及其它问题,请致电Amber: (+86) 158-8948-6544)

Host: The Intellectual Property Group

Supported by: IPR Daily

Official Website Links:


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